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Caledonia Sleep Apnea

Do you often wake up following a full night’s rest, only to feel fatigued, and un-refreshed? If so, you may be one of the many millions across the nation who suffer from a chronic sleep condition known as obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. Because sleep apnea interferes with your ordinary patterns of sleep, it can become a potentially life-threatening condition. If a housemate has begun to complain about your frequent, loud snoring, or you find yourself regularly feeling fatigued throughout the day, it’s an excellent idea to get evaluated to determine if you need Caledonia sleep apnea treatment. At Family Dentistry of Caledonia, our dentist is highly experienced in dental sleep medicine, and provides effective treatment solutions for mild to moderate cases of OSA.

Caledonia Sleep Apnea

Snoring is can be an indicator of Caledonia sleep apnea, as the condition results from the obstruction of the airway throughout the night. For sufferers of OSA, the soft tissues of the mouth and throat slacken during sleep to the point of occluding the passage of air. These soft tissues rattle as air tries to pass, resulting in loud or frequent snoring. But sleep apnea differs from primary snoring, in that it can result in the blockage of oxygen to the brain thousands of times throughout the night, for anywhere from seconds to over a minute at a time. Common symptoms associated with the condition range from difficulty concentrating, morning headaches, and loss of memory, to daytime fatigue, and un-refreshing sleep. If you’ve begun to exhibit any of these warning signs, it’s an excellent idea to visit our dentist to see how you may stand to benefit from Caledonia sleep apnea treatment for OSA. With a custom fabricated oral appliance, the soft tissues of your mouth and throat can be comfortably kept from occluding your airway throughout the night.

To learn more about how Caledonia sleep apnea treatment may help you get a refreshing night’s sleep, contact the office of Family Dentistry of Caledonia.

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